MORENA Lesdaleshawerchuk collection

So far the most personal collection, named after Slavic goddess of winter MORENA (MARZANNA), which brings winter, cold and death. Death is not absolute, it comes to make a space for new, for rebirth, it’s not purely negative. MORENA brings balance, rest, makes things real.

Towards the year’s end, I think I can do some sort of resume, and I have to say, it was a ride. I don't know how about you, but for me this was a very emotional year, full of lessons, upsides and downs, major life decisions. It seems a lot of bad happened, but thinking about it, putting it into perspective, it does make sense and leads towards good. This collection is about strong woman, her hopes, her drive. It’s about Maria, who was old and left, because it was her time - and till last moment, her heart was beating like heart of a young woman. To me this means to continue, no matter what, as long as we have a goodness in our hearts, because it’s kindness what is driving us forward. It’s about other Maria, who left young, with many unanswered questions - reminding us, that we are fragile, we don’t have control over our faith, neither our death, but somewhere behind all that it’s a hope, things do make a sense, it’s just not always clear to us. Modesty is the key.

The inspiration for this collection is a friend of mine, Marzena. Cold blue eyes, pale skin, peacefulness and modesty. The strength, what only woman can have. That unidentified something, indescribable feel, what you have when you are with someone with big big heart. You feel safe, you feel calm, you feel good. I won’t go into detail, but all these women came together in this collection. There is a lot of personal in it, and I could write a novel about it. But I leave it here - enjoy and admire, if you will, the visual part, and make your own story about it. Im sure we all have one.




Credits ---> Photo: Raoul Le Mans // Models: Nathalie van Berneveld and Anouk Hoogeveen // Muah: Fernanda Kipp // Styling: Martina Marekova Kuipers // Assists: Monique RM and Bart Kuipers

MORENA Lesdaleshawerchuk collection

MORENA Lesdaleshawerchuk  Lesdaleshawerchuk MORENALesdaleshawerchuk MORENA Lesdaleshawerchuk MORENALesdaleshawerchuk MORENA  Lesdaleshawerchuk MORENAMORENA Lesdaleshawerchuk slow fashion MORENA Lesdaleshawerchuk slow fashion MORENA Lesdaleshawerchuk slow fashion MORENA Lesdaleshawerchuk slow fashion




S/36 84cm/33" 66cm/26" 90cm/35.5"
M/38 88cm/34.5" 70cm/27.5" 94cm/37"
L/40 92cm/36" 74cm/29" 98cm/39"
XL/42 96cm/38" 78cm/30.5" 102cm/40.5
XXL/44 100cm/39.5" 82cm/32" 106cm/42"


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